What We Do:

Our Process

Our Financial Planning Process is comprised of Six Steps:


  1. Create a Client Profile:  In order to gain a better understanding of client, we gather as much information as possible with the aid of a Financial Questionnaire so that we truly understand your financial situation.

  2. Determine Your Goals, Needs and Objectives:  Everyone’s financial situation is different and only through an open discussion will we determine what is ultimately important to you.  We want to hear your life story, your life today, your life tomorrow and your dreams for the future. If we understand who you are and what your goals and objectives are, we can specifically tailor a plan based on your priorities.

  3. Analyze your Financial Position:  With the information collected we will then analyze and evaluate to what extent your goals, needs and priorities will be met by your current circumstances.

  4.  Comprehensive Financial Plan:  We will draft a “Vision Statement” which will keep us focused on the end and assist us in making day to day decisions.  Whether you are in accumulation stage or the retirement income stage, cash flow illustrations lets you know how much you have to save or how much you have to spend.  A written plan will address investment plan, insurance plan, tax plan and estate plan.  Sub plans such as education funding or business succession planning to name a few will also prepared when required.  The plans will include strategies to achieve the stated goals, needs and priorities.

  5. Implementation of the Financial Plan:  Once a plan has been approved we need to carry it out in a cost efficient and timely manner.  Being life licensed, securities licensed and having a CPA, CA allows us to carry out most aspects of the plan.  We also work with your public accountant and lawyer where necessary.Being independent and fully licensed allows us to source out product solutions that are most appropriate for your plan.  Whether that is stocks, bonds, ETF’s, mutual funds, pool funds, hedge fund, GIC’s or high yield savings on the securities side or life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, long term care insurance, health and dental insurance, private health services plans, travel insurance, segregated funds and annuities on the life insurance side.  Unlike the banks, we do not push in house products which may or may not be the best solution.

  6. Ongoing Review and Monitoring:  No plan is set in stone. We draft and follow a “Roadmap” which ensures that we revisit each part of the plan on a regular basis.  Things change over time and it is very important that we modify your plan to ensure the outcome corresponds with your goals and objectives. We take a proactive approach and are always available when you need us.